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March 2012
Renovation / modification of collecting and discharge systems of combustion line 1 at AVR in Rozenburg / Netherlands.

Contract: Engineering, delivery of new discharge and collecting systems including new rapping systems, site supervision, documentation and commissioning.




December 2011
In 2011 the company donated € 5.000,00 to facilities for the indigent and several non-profit organisations in the Netherlands.



PDF - newspaper article


July 2011
Modification of the discharge systems of the ESP DRO1, located at the Waste-to-Energy plant
in Vienna / Austria.

Contract: Engineering, delivery of discharge electrodes including rapping system, site supervision, documentation and commissioning.






March 2011
Renovation of the ESP of the Petroplus refinery in Ingolstadt / Germany.

Contract: Engineering, delivery of cold roof including banisters, airtight ceiling, two single box girders, a double box girder, a new purge air system, construction, supervision, documentation and commissioning.



PDF-supplier evaluation Petroplus


March 2010
Entire renovation of the ESP of combustion line 23 at AEB-Amsterdam / Netherlands.




Oktober 2010
Complete reconstruction of electrostatic filter field 12 at AEB Amsterdam




November 2010
The company Josef  Habscheid e.K. was awarded  in the Netherlands by the company Essent with the Safety Award.



August 2008
Modification of electrostatic filter at Hoechst AG in Frankfurt field 2.